Workshop equipment

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Workshop equipment contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

121Quality assurance, planning, work preparation
123Clearing, cleaning
196Miscellaneous consumption articles
282Material protection of engine, boiler and pump rooms, steering gear compartments
421Radio plant, gmdss
423Data transmission plants, communication
424Vhf/uhf telephones
44Rep./maint./clean. equip. workshop/store outfit, name plates
441Machine tools, cutting and welding equipment
442Tools/equip. for engineers, electr., boatswains, carpenters
443Painting equipment, scaffolding, paint rafts/boats (gigs)
444Cleaning equipment, garbage chutes
446Outfitting in store rooms and workshops
481Drilling equipment
505Loose firefighting apparatuses and equip., firemen's outfit
541Furniture for crew, standard furniture
542Office equip. and spec. furniture in wheelh., chart and radior.

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