Pipes & pipe units

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Pipes & pipe units contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

121Quality assurance, planning, work preparation
196Miscellaneous consumption articles
3Equipment for cargo
40Manoeuvring machinery, equipment
51Insulation, panels, bulkheads, doors, sidescuttles,skylights
6Machinery main components
64Boilers, steam, gas generators
72Cooling systems
721Sea water cooling systems
722Fresh water and other cooling systems
75Steam, condensate, feed water systems
80Ballast, bilge systems, gutter pipes outside accommod.
802Heating coils in ballast tanks
804Gutter pipes outside accommodation
81Fire, lifeboat alarm, fire fighting and wash down systems
821Air and sounding systems from tanks to deck
831Special common hydraulic oil systems
928Insulation work, turnkey/complete

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