Fluid valves & other armatures

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Fluid valves & other armatures contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

3Equipment for cargo
309Common hydraulic oil system for hatches/ports
35Loading/discharging systems for liquid cargo
354Loading/discharging systems in cargo tanks
37Gas/ventilation systems for cargo holds/tanks
375Blow-off syst. from safety valves (pressure/vacuum valves)
442Tools/equip. for engineers, electr., boatswains, carpenters
513Other internal doors w/coamings
57Ventilation, air-conditioning, heating systems
58Sanitary syst. w/discharges, accommodation drain systems
6Machinery main components
601Diesel engines
651Motor aggregates
7Systems for machinery main components
70Fuel systems
71Lube oil systems
72Cooling systems
73Compressed air systems
75Steam, condensate, feed water systems
79Automation systems for machinery
804Gutter pipes outside accommodation
84Central heat transfer systems w/chemical fluids/oil
89Electric consumer systems

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