Winches, drums & reels

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Winches, drums & reels contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

274Equipment on external decks, bulwark (inboard side)
32Special cargo handling equipment
327Grabbing/lifting equip. for cranes, masts and booms for cargo
33Deck cranes for cargo
34Masts, derrick posts, rigging, winches for cargo
381Sounding, surveil. and operating equipment for cargo systems
4Ship equipment
408Dynamic positioning systems
43Anchoring, mooring, towing equipment
432Windlasses w/chain stoppers, rollers
433Comb. windlass/mooring winches w/chain stoppers, rollers
434Capstans, warping and mooring winches
437Towing equipment
464Trawling equipment
481Drilling equipment
561Personnel lifts, escalators
79Automation systems for machinery
8Ship common systems
88Electric cable installation

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