Control & automation systems

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Control & automation systems contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

1Ship general
10Specification, estimating, drawing, instruction, courses
109Maintenance systems, instruction material
12Quality assurance, general work, models
14Work on ways, launching, docking
17Ship repair, special services
19Consumption articles
196Miscellaneous consumption articles
20Hull materials, general hull work
3Equipment for cargo
35Loading/discharging systems for liquid cargo
375Blow-off syst. from safety valves (pressure/vacuum valves)
381Sounding, surveil. and operating equipment for cargo systems
40Manoeuvring machinery, equipment
403Steering gear/columns, telemotor sys., rudder ind.,
41Navigation, searching equipment
415Clinometers, trim indicators, load indicators
42Communication equipment
43Anchoring, mooring, towing equipment
464Trawling equipment
5Equipment for crew and passengers
6Machinery main components
60Diesel engines for propulsion
601Diesel engines
61Steam machinery for propulsion
62Other types of propulsion machinery
63Propellers, transmissions, foils
634Controllable pitch propeller plants incl. nozzles
637Main reduction gears w/thrust bearings and couplings
638Central gears (joint auxiliary gear, not for propulsion)
64Boilers, steam, gas generators
65Motor aggregates for main electric power production
651Motor aggregates
66Other aggr., gen. for main, emergency el. power production
7Systems for machinery main components
79Automation systems for machinery
791Manoeuvre consoles, main consoles
792Common automation equipment, engine room alarm systems
793Autom. equip. for prop. mach. and transmis., eng. telegraph
795Automation equipment for motor/turbo aggregates
797Automation equipment for other machinery components
801Ballast systems, solid ballast
811Fire detection, fire and lifeboat alarm systems
814Fire fighting systems for external fires
85Common electric, electronic systems
86Electric power supply
867Rectifiers and converters
868Electric shore supply systems
87Common electric distribution systems
871Main switchboards
872Emergency switchboards
875Distribution panels and boards
88Electric cable installation
89Electric consumer systems
898Electric motors

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