Furniture & cabinets

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Furniture & cabinets contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

10Specification, estimating, drawing, instruction, courses
321Cargo lifts
446Outfitting in store rooms and workshops
5Equipment for crew and passengers
51Insulation, panels, bulkheads, doors, sidescuttles,skylights
541Furniture for crew, standard furniture
542Office equip. and spec. furniture in wheelh., chart and radior.
543Bedcloth, mattresses
548Furniture for passengers
552Galley/pantry equipment for preparation and serving
553Cafeteria plant w/equipment
556Walls, bins, shelves, racks, grating and invent. in prov.rooms
558Laundry, ironing and drying equipment
813Fire/wash down syst., emergency fire pumps, sprinkler syst.

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