Subsea & seismic equipment

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Subsea & seismic equipment contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

10Specification, estimating, drawing, instruction, courses
196Miscellaneous consumption articles
276Galvanizing, nickel plating, metallizing
3Equipment for cargo
353Loading/discharging systems in pump rooms
354Loading/discharging systems in cargo tanks
414Underwater searching equipm.: asdic, echo sounder, speed log
438Common hydraulic oil system for anchoring/mooring equipment
481Drilling equipment
6Machinery main components
7Systems for machinery main components
802Heating coils in ballast tanks
804Gutter pipes outside accommodation
81Fire, lifeboat alarm, fire fighting and wash down systems
813Fire/wash down syst., emergency fire pumps, sprinkler syst.
821Air and sounding systems from tanks to deck
831Special common hydraulic oil systems
871Main switchboards
872Emergency switchboards
875Distribution panels and boards

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