Fire protection & detection equipment

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Fire protection & detection equipment contains products similar to the following SFI groups:

196Miscellaneous consumption articles
298Fitting and joining of composite materials
374Vent./gas freeing systems for tanks, wind sails w/equipment
376Inert gas systems w/conditioning plant
381Sounding, surveil. and operating equipment for cargo systems
425Calling/command/crew call telephone plants, walkie-talkies
505Loose firefighting apparatuses and equip., firemen's outfit
51Insulation, panels, bulkheads, doors, sidescuttles,skylights
511Insulation, partition bulkheads, panelling, wallpaper
515Side scuttles and windows w/equipment
57Ventilation, air-conditioning, heating systems
64Boilers, steam, gas generators
79Automation systems for machinery
792Common automation equipment, engine room alarm systems
797Automation equipment for other machinery components
811Fire detection, fire and lifeboat alarm systems
813Fire/wash down syst., emergency fire pumps, sprinkler syst.
816Fire fighting systems w/foam
817Fire fighting systems w/steam
818Fire fighting systems w/powder

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