79 - Automation systems for machinery

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79 - Automation systems for machinery contains products similar to the following product categories:

A02Basic design & project development services
A03Engineering services
A10Project management, construction management
B03Electrical and electro work
B07Shipbuilding & offshore constructions
E01Hatches, covers, ports, ramps & platforms
F03Air & gas valves
F11Pneumatic actuators
F12Air nozzles, jealousies and batteries
G05Fluid valves & other armatures
G11Hydraulic motors & actuators
I02Winches, drums & reels
I04Capstans, bollards & hawse holes
J01Combustion engine
J02Generators, alternators & dynamos
J08Propellers & impellers
J13Other engine & propulsion equipment
K01Converters (voltage, frequency), receivers, el. dampers and rectifiers
K05Switchboards & relays
K09Electrical motors & starters
K10Other electrical/electro equipment
L01Sensors, gauges & detectors
L02Meters & indicators
L05Alarm equipment
L06Regulators & switches
L07Centrals, consoles & panels
L08Monitoring equipment
L11Signal cables & connectors
L13Control & automation systems
L14Onboard software
O06Fire protection & detection equipment
P01Positioning & navigation equipment
P05Other communication equipment
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