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Company nameE-mailCityCountry
KAESER Kompressorer AS E-mailVestbyNORWAY
Karmsund Maritime Offshore Supply AS E-mailKopervikNORWAY
Karmøy Skipsconsult AS E-mailSkudeneshavnNORWAY
Karmøy Trading AS E-mailKopervikNORWAY
Karmøy Winch A/S E-mailKopervkNORWAY
KDU Worldwide Technical Services Fzc E-mailSharjahUNITED ARAB EMIRATES
KebNi Maritime E-mailKista-StockholmSWEDEN
Kemostål Process Technology AB E-mailGöteborgSWEDEN
Keskipakovalu OY E-mailTampereFINLAND
KGK Norge as E-mailOsloNORWAY
KIS Maritime AS E-mailHylkje - BergenNORWAY
Klinger Westad AS E-mailGeithusNORWAY
Klüber Lubrication Nordic AS E-mailSkedsmokorsetNORWAY
Knudsen AS, William AS see Frydenbø Power AS  NORWAY
Knudtzen AS, JF E-mailNesbruNORWAY
Knutsen Maskin AS E-mailJessheimNORWAY
Kockumation E-mailMalmöSWEDEN
Kohlswa Gjuteri AB E-mailKolsvaSWEDEN
Kongsberg Maritime AS E-mailKongsbergNORWAY
Kongsberg Seatex AS E-mailTrondheimNORWAY
Korrosionsgruppen AB E-mailRamlösaSWEDEN
Kraus & Naimer AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Krohne Marine E-mailBreivikNORWAY
KTR Systems Norge AS E-mailSkjettenNORWAY
Kumera Helseth A/S E-mailHjelsetNORWAY
Kvaerner Masa-Yards Inc. E-mailHelsinkiFINLAND
Kverneland Aqua A/S E-mailSandnesNORWAY
Kyma as E-mailBergenNORWAY
Kølner Ingeniørfirma A/S, Leif E-mailTønsbergNORWAY

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