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Company nameE-mailCityCountry
Nammo LIAB AB (Hansson Pyrotech) E-mailLindesbergSWEDEN
Napa Ltd. E-mailHelsinkiFINLAND
Naval Commerce d.o.o. E-mailRijekaCROATIA
Navaltrade E-mailRio de JaneiroBRAZIL
NavCom AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Navidec OY E-mailHelsinkiFINLAND
Navtor AS EgersundNORWAY
Nederman E-mailHelsingborgSWEDEN
NEK Kabel AS E-mailLørenskogNORWAY
Nekon A.S E-mailSkedsmokorsetNORWAY
Nesset a/s, Alfr. E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Nexans Norway AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
NHS Transmisjoner AS E-mailKolbotnNORWAY
Nilsen Marine Refrigeration E-mailKristiansund NNORWAY
Nisjemetall AS E-mailRøykenNORWAY
Nitrotech Engineering AS E-mailKristiansandNORWAY
NLI Larvik AS E-mailLarvikNORWAY
NMS Ltd. E-mail3300 LimassolCYPRUS
Nofitek AS E-mailEidsnesNORWAY
Norac A/S E-mailArendalNORWAY
Noratel AS E-mailHokksundNORWAY
Nordan Marine AS E-mailDrammenNORWAY
Nordhavn A/S E-mailRanders SVDENMARK
Nordic Aluminium KirkkonummiFINLAND
Nordic Flanges AB E-mailStockholmSWEDEN
Nordic Supply System AS E-mailSkodjeNORWAY
Nordkontakt AS E-mailBodøNORWAY
Noremech AB E-mailSkövdeSWEDEN
NorLense AS E-mailFiskebølNORWAY
Nor-Marine, A.S. E-mailOsloNORWAY
Norsafe AS E-mailFaervikNORWAY
NorSap AS E-mailKristiansandNORWAY
Norsk Atlas A.S E-mailTrollåsenNORWAY
Norsk Kulde AS FinnsnesNORWAY
Norsk Turboservice A/S E-mailPorsgrunnNORWAY
Norske Backer A/S E-mailKongsvingerNORWAY
Nortelco A/S OsloNORWAY
North Sea Cables Norge AS E-mailStavangerNORWAY
Nortrade A/S E-mailKristiansandNORWAY
Nortronik AS E-mailFørdeNORWAY
Norvalves AS E-mailÅgotnesNORWAY
Norwater AS E-mailHøylandsbygdNORWAY
Norwegian Electronic Supply A/S E-mailVormedalNORWAY
Novenco Marine & Offshore E-mailKoegeDENMARK
Nyborg A/S E-mailSykkylvenNORWAY

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