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Company nameE-mailCityCountry
Baggerød AS E-mailHortenNORWAY
Balluff ApS E-mailAalborg ØstDENMARK
Banco W.H. Banel - Gdansk Sp. J. E-mailRusocinPOLAND
Baze Technology AS E-mailPorsgrunnNORWAY
Becker Marine Systems Norway AS E-mailGjerdrumNORWAY
Beha-Hedo Industrier AS E-mailSkienNORWAY
Beijer Electronics AB E-mailMalmoeSWEDEN
Bergaflex AB E-mailHelsingborgSWEDEN
Bergen Agent as E-mailBergenNORWAY
Bergen Hydraulic A/S E-mailLaksevågNORWAY
Bergen Maritim Elektro AS E-mailLaksevågNORWAY
Bergo Flooring AB E-mailAnderstorpSWEDEN
Berner AS, Christian E-mailOsloNORWAY
Bernoulli System AB E-mailLundSWEDEN
Besiktas Marine Expert Ship Supply & Repair Service E-mailTuzla İstanbul TURKEY
Bevi Norge AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Bilfinger Industrier AS E-mailSandnesNORWAY
Bjørnvold AS, Arne E-mailSandnessjøenNORWAY
Bjørvik Malerservice A/S E-mailSandefjordNORWAY
Blueday Technology AS SandnesNORWAY
Blücher Metal A/S E-mailVildbjergDENMARK
Blücher Norway AS E-mailSiljanNORWAY
BMH Marine AB E-mailEnköpingSWEDEN
Boa Offshore AS / Taubåtkompaniet AS E-mailTrondheimNORWAY
Bombas Ideal E-mailMassalfassar, ValenciaSPAIN
Bosch Rexroth AS E-mailSkiNORWAY
Bostek AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Brammer AS E-mailNyborgNORWAY
Brattvaag Electro A/S E-mailBrattvågNORWAY
Bredengen A/S E-mailOsloNORWAY
Bretteville Taljer & Maskiner AS E-mailEiksmarkaNORWAY
Bro & Associates a.s., K. E-mailKrokstadelvaNORWAY
Brommeland Elektronikk AS E-mailHaugesundNORWAY
Bruksplast A/S E-mailAverøyNORWAY
Brunvoll A.S E-mailMoldeNORWAY
Brunvoll Mar-El as DalenNORWAY
Bruusgaard & Co. AS, Martin E-mailSandvikaNORWAY
Bruvik AS, J.L. E-mailBergenNORWAY
Bufab Stainless AB E-mailVärnamoSWEDEN
Bugge & Gjertsen Cruise Conv. AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Bulklift AS E-mailTønsbergNORWAY
Bull Industri- og Skipsteknisk AS E-mailSandvikaNORWAY
Burkert Norway AS E-mailSkjettenNORWAY
Byggma ASA E-mailVenneslaNORWAY
Bømlo Skipsservice AS E-mailBømloNORWAY

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