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Company nameE-mailCityCountry
Macas marketing a.s E-mailLierNORWAY
Mahadev Corporation E-mailGujaratINDIA
Man Energy Solutions E-mailFrederikshavnDENMARK
MAN PrimeServ E-mailIshøy, CopenhagenDENMARK
Mancraft AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Manoda E-mailHarstadNORWAY
Mare Safety A/S E-mailUlsteinvikNORWAY
Marin Elektro, A/S E-mailKopervikNORWAY
Marin Supply A/S E-mailHortenNORWAY
Marin Teknikk E-mailGuskøyNORWAY
Marine Alignment A/S E-mailFarumDENMARK
Marine Aluminium A.S E-mailAvaldsnesNORWAY
Marine Control Services AS E-mailDrammenNORWAY
Marine Installasjon AS E-mailSandefjordNORWAY
Marine Technic A/S E-mailNaestvedDENMARK
Marine Technologies, LLC E-mailEgersundNORWAY
Marinfloc AB E-mailVarekilSWEDEN
Maris - Maritime Information Systems AS E-mailTønsbergNORWAY
MariTeam A/S E-mailKøgeDENMARK
Maritim Consultants A/S E-mailÅgotnesNORWAY
Maritim Motor A/S E-mailTomrefjordNORWAY
Maritime Control AS E-mailGrimstadNORWAY
Maritime Montering AS E-mailBygstadNORWAY
Maritime Møbler AS E-mailBolsøyaNORWAY
Maritime Partner AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
MaritimeColours AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Mar-Kem AS E-mailDrammenNORWAY
Markhus AS E-mailGrimstadNORWAY
Markhus Flexmodul AS E-mailGrimstadNORWAY
Marlink AS E-mailLysakerNORWAY
MarLog AS E-mailStavangerNORWAY
MAS Fluid Control AS E-mailSandvikaNORWAY
Maskin og Skipsutstyr AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Maskindynamikk AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Maspica s.r.l. PadovaITALY
Masto Wire Service A/S E-mailKristiansand SNORWAY
Matre Maskin AS E-mailRubbestadnesetNORWAY
MB Hydraulikk A/S E-mailMjosundetNORWAY
MBL AS E-mailLillesandNORWAY
MCT Brattberg AB E-mailKarlskronaSWEDEN
Megacon A/S E-mailBønesNORWAY
Megadoor AB E-mailSkellefteåSWEDEN
Mekanord A/S E-mailFrederikshavnDENMARK
Melbu Systems AS E-mailMelbuNORWAY
Mento AS E-mailTanangerNORWAY
Merchints B.V. E-mailRaalteNETHERLANDS, THE
Meson AB E-mailLaholmSWEDEN
Meson AS E-mailUlsteinvikNORWAY
Metalock Engineering AB E-mailGöteborgSWEDEN
Metizoft AS E-mailFosnavågNORWAY
Metos Oy Ab KeravaFINLAND
Miele AS Professional E-mailNesbruNORWAY
Miko Marine AS E-mailLysakerNORWAY
Miros AS E-mailAskerNORWAY
Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. E-mailSpikkestadNORWAY
MJP Marine Jet Power AB E-mailUppsalaSWEDEN
Mohn AS, Frank E-mailFlorvågNORWAY
Moltech Norge AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Momec AB E-mailBottnarydSWEDEN
Monsen A/S, Sverre W. E-mailBergenNORWAY
Motala Verkstad, AB E-mailMotalaSWEDEN
Motec E-mailAntwerpenBELGIUM
Motus Technology AS E-mailMoldeNORWAY
MPE Cathodic AS E-mailRyggeNORWAY
MRC Global Norway AS E-mail|HokksundNORWAY
Multi Maritime A/S E-mailFørdeNORWAY

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