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Company nameE-mailCityCountry
Saab TransponderTech AB StockholmSWEDEN
SafeTbag Norway AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Safetmade Marine Products Co. E-mailIzmirTURKEY
Saft AB E-mailOskarshamnSWEDEN
Sander Marine GmbH & Co. KG E-mailBremenGERMANY
Satco E-mailSandnesNORWAY
SatPoint AB E-mailSolnaSWEDEN
SBA Interior Ltd E-mailMustioFINLAND
Scan Tech AS E-mailStavangerNORWAY
Scana Steel Björneborg AB E-mailBjörneborgSWEDEN
Scanco A/S E-mailBergenNORWAY
Scandinavian Micro Systems AS E-mailKolbotnNORWAY
Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS E-mailStraumeNORWAY
Scanel International A/S E-mailFrederikshavnDENMARK
Scanjet Ariston AS E-mailPorsgrunnNORWAY
Scanjet Marine AS E-mailAskimSWEDEN
ScanMarine Group of Sweden AB E-mailEslövSWEDEN
Scan-Sense AS E-mailÅsgårdstrandNORWAY
Scanvi-Interyards AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Schaeffler Norge AS E-mailSandnesNORWAY
Schlumberger E-mailStavangerNORWAY
Schneider Electric Norge AS E-mailVestbyNORWAY
Sea Surveillance AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Seagull Maritime AS E-mailHortenNORWAY
Sea-Hawk Navigation AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Seal Engineering AS E-mailFredrikstadNORWAY
Seal Weld Pro E-mailSandnesNORWAY
Sealift Systems AS SteinslandNORWAY
Sealteam AS E-mailAlgarheimNORWAY
Seam AS E-mailAvaldsnesNORWAY
Seaonics E-mailAalesundNORWAY
Seasafe Transport A/S E-mailOsloNORWAY
S-E-G Svenska AB E-mailBrommaSWEDEN
Senior Ship Consultants AS E-mailSandefjordNORWAY
Servaux SAS Global Marine Services MarseilleFRANCE
Servi Group E-mailSkiNORWAY
Servie AS E-mailSkiNORWAY
Servogear A/S E-mailRubbestadnesetNORWAY
SES Combustion AB E-mailNynäshamnSWEDEN
Seut Maritime AS E-mailFredrikstadNORWAY
SG Safety E-mailStavangerNORWAY
SH Group as E-mailSvendborgDENMARK
ShipMed AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Shipnor AS E-mailAngvikNORWAY
Shipping Enterprise E-mailHelsinkiFINLAND
ShoreConnection International AS E-mailBekkjarvikNORWAY
Siemens AS, Marine & Shipbuilding E-mailTrondheimNORWAY
Sigum Fagerberg AS E-mailMossNORWAY
Siljan Allards AB E-mailRättvikSWEDEN
Simrad Marine AS E-mailHortenNORWAY
Simson Power Tools AB E-mailHoforsSWEDEN
Simtronics AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Skarpenord AS - Rjukan E-mailRjukanNORWAY
Skipsutstyr AS E-mailLeknesNORWAY
Slåttland Mekaniske Industri AS E-mailRakkestadNORWAY
S-Man AB E-mailVästra FrölundaSWEDEN
SOhome AS E-mailSøreidgrendNORWAY
Solbakken Automasjon AS E-mailVågstrandaNORWAY
Solhaug AS, Ing. O.S. E-mailStjørdalNORWAY
Somas Instrument AB E-mailSäffleSWEDEN
Sotra Anchor & Chain AS E-mailÅgotnesNORWAY
Southern Marine AS E-mailKristiansandNORWAY
Sperre Air Power AS E-mailEllingsøyNORWAY
Spirax Sarco AS (Norge) E-mailSkedsmokorsetNORWAY
SPM Instrument A/S E-mailGjerdrumNORWAY
Stable AS E-mailKolbjørnsvikNORWAY
STADT AS E-mailGjerdsvikaNORWAY
Stahl Tranberg A.S., R. E-mailStavangerNORWAY
Star Information Systems AS E-mailTrondheimNORWAY
Stavanger Products AS E-mailStavangerNORWAY
Stena Bulk HQ E-mailGothenburgSWEDEN
Sterner AS E-mailSkiNORWAY
Stevid Elektro AS E-mailSkoppumNORWAY
Stimline E-mailKristiansandNORWAY
Stork AS E-mailKolsåsNORWAY
Storm Halvorsen AS E-mailSandefjordNORWAY
Størksen Rustfri Industri AS E-mailBergenNORWAY
Sulzer Pumps Norway AS E-mailKleppNORWAY
Survitec Norway AS E-mailÅlesundNORWAY
Swedac Swedish Acoustic Prod Inno AB E-mailAngeredSWEDEN
Syberg AS E-mailOsloNORWAY
Syncrolift AS E-mailDrøbakNORWAY
System Separation Sweden AB E-mailSvanesundSWEDEN

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